SAE Media Group and Medical Design Briefs Present
Biosensors for Medical Wearables
October 23-24, 2023 | Boston, MA, USA

SAE Media Group’s 3rd Annual Biosensors for Medical Wearables Conference will be back for 2023 in Boston to bring together device developers, MedTech, component manufacturers and big pharma to share and discuss the exciting advances in the medical wearable technology landscape.

The wearable biosensors market has grown significantly in recent years leading to increasingly growing potential for medical applications and at home alternatives for patients. With growing applications and potential in remote patient monitoring, diagnosis, therapeutics and detection of disease, wearable sensors are attracting considerable interest due to their opportunities in better supporting patients, clinical outcomes and decisions. Furthermore, AI and connected technologies are furthering the potential opportunities of this industry. However, challenges including flexibility of wearable devices, the collection of clinical-grade data and advanced battery technologies still remain for the industry to overcome. This year’s conference looks to address these hot topics through case studies and industry insights.

This is a must attend event, giving you the chance to engage in the latest innovations that are accelerating the wearable biosensors industry. We hope to welcome you in October 2023!

  • Benchmark against and explore the latest biosensor technologies for wearable medical devices from Abbott, Empatica and Hexoskin
  • Delve into the potential of wearable sensors and digital tools in decentralized diagnosis including a Johnson & Johnson case study on the Heartline project
  • Learn how game changing companies such as Philips and Medtronic are utilizing wearables to maximize remote patient monitoring opportunities for wider patient populations
  • Explore how AI and machine learning technologies are enabling optimized data collection and streamlined data analysis
  • Discover cutting-edge biosensor therapeutic applications for neurology with Neurasantys and a panel discussion on future medical opportunities


Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers of:

  • Advanced Technology R&D
  • Biosensor Device Engineering
  • Biosensor Development
  • Connected Device Engineering
  • Connected Device Development
  • Medical Device Development
  • Diagnostic Devices
  • Digital Health Technologies
  • Digital Medicine
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Emerging Technology R&D
  • Patient Monitoring System Development
  • Regulatory Affairs and Digital Health
  • Regulatory Affairs Diagnostics and Digital Health
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Wearable Device Development
  • Wearable Device Engineering

AbbVie; ActiGraph; AstraZeneca; Beacon Biosignals; Biofourmis; Biogen; BioIntelliSense, Inc.; Bloomer Tech; Boston University; Boston University, Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine; CALA; CardioSignal Inc; Colgate Palmolive Company; Cosinuss; Digital Medicine Society; Focus Academy; Haleon; Haydale Limited; Hexoskin; I-Mab BioPharma US; Lohmann Americas; Massachusetts General Hospital; Medical Design Briefs; MedRhythms; Moffitt Cancer Center; Movesense Ltd; Neursantys, Inc.; Oracle Health Sciences; Pennslyvania State University; Pfizer Inc; PyrAmes, Inc; Qura, Inc; Raudmedic AG; Rockley Photonics; Sanofi; Simbex; Spacelabs Healthcare; Takeda; Takeda Pharmaceuticals; TechBlocks Inc; TracPatch Health; Valencell; Wurq;

Conference programme

8:00 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Co- Chair's Opening Remarks

Andreas Caduff

Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society
View Bio

Lorelie H. Villarete

Lorelie H. Villarete, Manager, Lingo Sensing Technology Unlimited Company
View Bio

9:10 Medical Grade Wearables and Continuous Remoste Vision for Biosensors Opportunities

Lorelie H. Villarete

Lorelie H. Villarete, Manager, Lingo Sensing Technology Unlimited Company
View Bio

  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Continuous ketone monitoring
  • Continuous lactate Monitoring
  • 9:50 Non-Adhesive, Flexible Wearable Sensors for Pulmonary Medical Applications

    Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

    Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Co-founder/CEO, Hexoskin
    View Bio

  • Utilising smart clothing for pulmonary medical applications and reviewing the challenges to be overcome for long-term wearables
  • Exploring digital biomarkers for pulmonary conditions including COPD, asthma and chronic cough
  • Delving into the collection and processing of data from the smart garment monitoring platform
  • Leveraging collaborations with universities and research hospitals to further research and advance the potential of long-term sensor technologies
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Producing Wearable Biosensors for a Global Market

    Speaker To Be Confirmed

    Speaker To Be Confirmed, , FDA

  • Assessing how regulations surround devices, AI/ML and data have evolved
  • How can collaboration between stakeholders be improved to overcome these challenges in variation?
  • Aligning regulations to allow for development of a global medical wearable biosensor
  • 11:40 Transforming Health Monitoring with the use of Medical-Grade Technologies

    Jason Case

    Jason Case, Vice President, Research & Development, Patient Monitoring, Medtronic
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  • Overview of challenges and opportunities for monitoring patients as they shift from higher acuity settings in the hospital to lower acuity settings, and eventually, back home
  • Overview of the Medtronic Patient Monitoring business, including the technology portfolio, and why medical-grade technologies are so important to address challenges in the patient monitoring space
  • Discuss how current medical-grade solutions solve the issue of the “monitoring cliff” when patients shift to different settings in the hospital and when they are discharged home (multiparameter wearable, connected data capture and visualization)
  • Address future technological applications to better capture vitals and important patient biomarkers anytime, anywhere
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:20 The Art of Engaging Patients and Providers to Create Data of Value and Actionable Outcomes

    Richard Bolander

    Richard Bolander, Vice President of Research and Development, TracPatch Health
    View Bio

  • Describe the importance to setting up efficient clinical eco-systems
  • Develop user interfaces that drive patient and provider engagement
  • Explain basic statistical methodologies to define pre and post-surgical recovery kinetics
  • Provide case studies for how effective patient / provider communication lead to better outcomes
  • 14:00 Addressing Practical Challenges in Wearable Sensors to Enable Precise and Targeted Monitoring

    Huanyu Cheng

    Huanyu Cheng, James L. Henderson, Jr. Memorial Associate Professor, Penn State University
    View Bio

  • Reviewing challenges in specific and precise target applications of wearable sensor technologies
  • Optimising the monitoring potential of on-body sensors through enabling sensors to detect target signals without being impacted by other signals
  • Insight into the development of a signal decoupling mechanism
  • Sharing some results from studies into decoupling signals
  • 14:40 Medical Grade Monitoring in Hospital to Home

    James Mault

    James Mault, Founder and CEO, BioIntelliSense, Inc.
    View Bio

  • Current state of device wearables capabilities in hospital and at home
  • How medical grade monitoring impacts/assists healthcare staff
  • Future of medical grade wearables from in hospital to home
  • 15:20 Afternoon Tea

    15:50 Heartline Study: Evolving Digital Clinical Evidence Generation

    Janet Nikolovski

    Janet Nikolovski, New Venture Lead, Johnson & Johnson
    View Bio

  • Background on the Heartline study and update on current status
  • Utilizing direct to patient enrolment and engagement in remote studies with digital tools
  • Practices for enhancing patient engagement and allowing the patient to work with healthcare providers to understand how to reduce risks
  • Assessing key learnings from the heartline study so far and looking at steps moving forwards


  • 16:30 Transforming Remote Care Models in Heart Diseases with Motion-Sensor Technology

    Tero-Pekka Alastalo

    Tero-Pekka Alastalo, Chief Medical Officer and President, US Operations, CardioSignal Inc
    View Bio

  • Cardiovascular diseases are a growing burden, and delayed diagnostics leaves many at-risk patients vulnerable to adverse health outcomes. In this presentation, we introduce how a novel motion sensor technology, gyrocardiography, can be utilized to improve care paths in cardiovascular care
  • Examples include care models in population health, remote patient monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics
  • Opportunities in clinical trials and patient identification will also be discussed
  • Presenting a case example in heart failure, and what the standard of care looks like in the future
  • 17:10 Wearables for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cardiovascular Diseases

    Branislav Vajdic

    Branislav Vajdic, Founder and CEO, HeartBeam
    View Bio

  • Case study on a sensor that is designed for heart attack detection
  • Design strategies for production of a patient-friendly device to monitor pressure changes in the heart
  • Ensuring accuracy and a high threshold for statistically significant data
  • Exploring how the biosensor has improved cardiac patient monitoring so far and potential future applications for similar devices
  • 17:50 Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Andreas Caduff

    Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society
    View Bio

    Lorelie H. Villarete

    Lorelie H. Villarete, Manager, Lingo Sensing Technology Unlimited Company
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    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Co- Chair's Opening Remarks

    Andreas Caduff

    Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society
    View Bio

    Lorelie H. Villarete

    Lorelie H. Villarete, Manager, Lingo Sensing Technology Unlimited Company
    View Bio

    9:10 Effective and Efficient Use of Wearables for Decentralised Clinical Trials

    Tim Callahan

    Tim Callahan, VP Scientific Affairs, Philips Pharma Solutions
    View Bio

  • Maximising the developments in wearable technologies and bolstering capabilities for decentralised clinical trials
  • Best practises and strategies for a successful decentralised clinical trial design
  • What steps still need to be made before decentralized clinical trials are adopted into healthcare strategy?
  • Case study on ePatch: delivering continuous, ECG data for 24 hours and up to 14 days
  • Utilising cloud-based software powered by AI to streamline ECG analysis
  • 9:50 Partnering with Pharma to Implement Biosensors in Clinical Trials

    Jasmin Imsirovic

    Jasmin Imsirovic, Associate Director, Takeda
    View Bio

  • What are the unique needs of pharma clinical trials and how can they be met by partnering with wearables companies?
  • Selecting appropriate measures from biosensors and demonstrating scientific acumen through validation, regulatory clearance, or publication track record
  • Reducing the operational complexity of biosensors to improve clinical site and patient experience
  • Navigating the onboarding process and demonstrating clinical trial readiness as a vendor
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Advantages and Challenges with Clinical Adoption of Wearables

    Girish Gangadharan

    Girish Gangadharan, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Spacelabs Healthcare
    View Bio

  • Usability and ubiquity of wireless sensing
  • Clinical evidence for implications on clinical workflow
  • Costs, and other operational considerations when considering wearables
  • 11:40 Speech Data Collection on Mobile Devices: Observations from a BOYD, Decentralized Clinical Trial

    Kara Chappie

    Kara Chappie, Director and Project Lead, Pfizer
    View Bio

  • Considerations when collecting speech for acoustic analyses in a remote clinical trial
  • Preparing remote data for analyses: Did you collect the data you were expecting?
  • Are traditional speech acoustic features similar on varied devices?
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:20 Analysing and Interpreting Data Collected from Biometric Monitoring Technologies in Clinical Trials

    Andreas Caduff

    Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society
    View Bio

  • What is needed from the device perspective for better data collection?
  • Ensuring data collected is medical grade and best practises for generating evidence for clinical validity
  • Exploring the regulatory pathways through which clinical validity evidence may be reviewed
  • Addressing the common pitfalls of dealing with data at scale in clinical research
  • Discussing the potential ways industry can use sensor generated data to make better, faster decisions
  • 14:00 Healthcare-At-Home Device & Digital Solutions: Addressing and Managing All Stakeholders & When

    Venk Varadan

    Venk Varadan, CEO and Co-founder, Nanowear
    View Bio

  • Discussing how remote diagnostics and clinical decision support utilizing AI and machine learning is now the prominent focus for all stakeholders in healthcare
  • Shedding light on how digital-only solutions are limited in the clinical and diagnostic services for dynamic data, particularly those utilizing AI and machine learning
  • Rethinking how device plus digital artificial intelligence and machine learning must be developed in parallel with all stakeholders in mind: patients, providers, regulators and payers
  • 14:40 From biosensor to endpoint: Building a full-stack digital biomarker platform to advance medical research

    Matteo Lai

    Matteo Lai, CEO, Empatica
    View Bio

  • Incorporation of multiple sensors into a wearable device to derive PPG, electrodermal activity, temperature, accelerometer and gyroscope data
  • Ensuring ease-of use for patients and clinical trial participants through user-centric design
  • Developing and validating a digital biomarker portfolio
  • Applications: From scaling decentralized clinical trials to seizure detection for people living with epilepsy
  • 15:20 Afternoon Tea

    15:50 Electroceuticals vs Pharmaceuticals

    John Ralston

    John Ralston, CEO and Co-Founder, Neursantys, Inc.
    View Bio

  • How are electroceuticals providing an alternative to pharmaceuticals? Cost considerations and more
  • Maximising the potential of neurostimulation techniques to counteract neurophysiological conditions and disease
  • Reviewing the challenges in the design and development of devices for neurostimulation delivery
  • Case studies on electroceutical applications: Balance decline, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, depression, pain and more
  • 16:30 Transdermal platforms for wearable biosensing devices

    Sanjiv Sharma

    Sanjiv Sharma, Senior Lecturer in Medical Engineering, Swansea University
    View Bio

  • Skin as window of opportunity for employing wearable biosensors
  • We will look at examples of real time, minimally invasive continuous monitoring biosensors
  • Microneedle platforms as sampling devices
  •  Wearable biosensors for early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders
  • 17:10 Panel Discussion: Evolving Digital Medical Opportunities and Emerging Technologies

  • Insight into new therapeutic applications of biosensors and emerging uses
  • How can industry work together to accelerate and further opportunities in medical biosensors and connected devices
  • Advancing how data is used to enhance patient care and diagnostics
  • Andreas Caduff

    Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society
    View Bio

    Venk Varadan

    Venk Varadan, CEO and Co-founder, Nanowear
    View Bio

    John Ralston

    John Ralston, CEO and Co-Founder, Neursantys, Inc.
    View Bio

    Alicia Chong Rodriguez

    Alicia Chong Rodriguez, CEO, Bloomer Tech
    View Bio

    17:50 Co- Chair's Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two


    Bloomer Tech
    Strategic Advisory Board
    Digital Medicine Society
    Founder and CEO
    VP, Strategy & Business Development
    Spacelabs Healthcare
    James L. Henderson, Jr. Memorial Associate Professor
    Penn State University
    Founder and CEO
    BioIntelliSense, Inc.
    New Venture Lead
    Johnson & Johnson
    Associate Director
    Vice President, Research & Development, Patient Monitoring
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Neursantys, Inc.
    Director and Project Lead
    Lingo Sensing Technology Unlimited Company
    Vice President of Research and Development
    TracPatch Health
    Senior Lecturer in Medical Engineering
    Swansea University
    Chief Medical Officer and President, US Operations
    CardioSignal Inc
    VP Scientific Affairs
    Philips Pharma Solutions
    CEO and Co-founder


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    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


    Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

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